Automatic Handbag light – Minimum 20 units



The handbag light makes a wonderful gift for ladies.  It is a simple LED light with an intelligent sensor that turns on each time you reach into your handbag.  No more fumbling in dark parking lots to look for keys.  No more having to turn on your cell phone light when in clubs, pubs to dark restaurants.  The light stays on for 15 seconds when activated and then switches off automatically.

We supply the handbag light with a cell phone string attachment so that it can be hung inside of the bag.  The handbag light also has a clip on the back so it can be clipped inside of a handbag.  We suggest trying to position the handbag light so that it will be able to easily sense when your hand enters the bag and then switch itself on.

Free branding and no setup charge on 20 or more units


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